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Service and support

Bug-first strategy

Stability and functionality of OptimiDoc is the key to satisfied customers. The bug-first strategy in our development ensures that we first fix bugs and only then continue with development.

Thanks to this approach, we are certain that our product delivers high value to our customers and will remain functional for the long-term.

OptimiDoc installation only takes a few minutes

Don't waste your time installing and configuring other products. You can install and configure OptimiDoc within just a few minutes.

You can then provide an instant solution to the customer without lengthy implementation and disruption of the client’s activities.

Remote on-line service support

Contact professionals for any inquiry. Instant help via remote connection solves up to 96% of all queries.

We enjoy providing remote help, because we save you time and effort.

Training and eUniversity

We request that new partners undergo sales and technical training to ensure they can implement our solutions alone.

The partner can do on-site training or use our eUniversity which offers individual courses in digital format.

SLA services

Working with documents is essential for any organization. You can choose the right service level and response times to avoid any disruption to your business.


We will be pleased to give any information or help with the OptimiDoc solution.


Partner portal

Access to the partner portal brings many benefits.