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Single sign-on with other applications
The single sign-on function can be used to take login data from another application intended for multifunctional device security and so do only scanning or use another OptimiDoc functionality.
User synchronisation
OptimiDoc can connect to customer's existing user database and perform uniform synchronisation of users, including their departments or groups. Supported user databases include:
  • Active Directory
  • Open LDAP
  • Azure AD
  • Lotus Domino
Another possible method of user import using the CSV file.
Automatic card assignment
If a user does not have any card assigned to his/her OptimiDoc account, the card can be assigned if used for the first time. OptimiDoc will request a change of the PIN code (and/or name and password) on the device panel, check whether the card exists in the database and assign the card to the user based on this information.
Automatic PIN code generation
For easy implementation of the OptimiDoc solution in customer's location, extremely useful tools such as automatic PIN generation can be used: the system automatically sets PIN codes for different users and sends them to their e-mail. The users can then log to the device using the PIN code generated.

Printing documents

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Mobile printing
Mobile printing allows the user send his/her documents to print directly from a mobile device. The user handles everything thanks to the support of Google Cloud Print and the e-mail client in his/her phone, tablet or laptop. With the technology embedded in OptimiDoc you can print PDFs, images but also such documents as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint with no Microsoft Office installation necessary.
Delegated print
Besides the PullPrint, OptimiDoc gives you the option of sending print tasks directly for print, supporting all other possibilities. Delegated print allows you to send print tasks to a shared queue from which users who have access to the respective group can print the documents.
Print policies
A set of print rules allows the user perform operations with individual documents based on pre-defined terms and conditions. This will ensure compliance with corporate printing rules. You can for example set that all prints from e-mail applications will be black-and-white and duplex print.
Printing with the mobile app
The mobile app brings the OptimiDoc user interface directly to the mobile phone or tablet A whole range of functionalities is available to the user for printing, scanning and authentication directly on his/her phone. With the mobile print app you can browse and control documents in OptimiDoc or send them to available printing devices. With the QR code you gain authorised access to the multifunctional device and can make use of the full OptimiDoc solution.
Printing for guests
This functionality offers visitors the possibility of printing documents in your environment, with no need to connect to your local network. The visitor send his/her documents to a pre-defined e-mail address and immediately receives a text message with login credentials required for login on the device. You decide which guests can print and how long.
Android terminal
With the Android terminal you can use the mobile app for Android in a mode when a tablet is firmly connected with a device. Users who came to pick up their documents on the device then use this tablet. The card reader is also supported in this mode.


And much more

Advanced reports in Excel
OptimiDoc makes it possible to export data directly to a Microsoft Excel file. Using a pre-defined report template, you can monitor paper consumption, the use of duplex print or even the device load on different days and during specific hours. Reports can be also exported to other formats such as HTML, CSV and XML for further processing.
Automatic reports
OptimiDoc allows users to send reports to users as regular e-mails, so that the user can follow his/her department or the entire print environment.
Price lists
The administrator can define a price list for a specific user in OptimiDoc in which he/she sets rates for different paper formats, colours and types of operation. The price list is then tied to a device and all operations will be billed according to this price list.
Project accounting
This functionality is intended for monitoring per-project costs and for print classification as business prints and private prints. OptimiDoc can create a set of projects where the user can choose a specific project to which the task shall be billed.

Device monitoring

Device status monitoring

Reporting missing material or a failure

Device monitoring means regular checking of the condition of devices and consumables.

The administrator can see – via a web interface – what is happening in the print environment and respond to potential issues.

He administrator monitors:

  • the device condition
  • paper in the tray
  • the toner status
  • the condition of other consumables
System notifications

Automatic monitoring and notifications

Regular e-mail notifications can be configured if the condition of the device changes or the volume of a consumable drops below a defined level.

The e-mail can contain information on the specific device but also the detailed description of the issue or type of consumable that needs replacement. The notification system provides quick responses to failures and can even prevent the failure of printing devices.

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