OptimiDoc Server

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The OptimiDoc server application for managing all prints, scans and copies within an organization. It extends the functionality of multifunction devices, making it easier to work and optimize daily processes.

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Document capture

Do you wonder?

Do you wonder why your employees are so inefficient? Maybe they waste all their energy for trying to scan something. They might scan one paper many times, because they have set it wrongly. Perhaps, they have to copy many data from paper to appropriate document or simply they are uncomfortable with scanning. Eventually scanning takes more time than rewriting it manually.


OptimiDoc Server ables to capture from several types of devices:


It doesn’t finish with capture. Next step is enhance digital documents, convert them and much more.


Now, the document is captured and adjusted. How and where will it be stored?

Print management

Do you wonder?

Do you wonder why the company pays so much for printing? Maybe your employee has printed the Lord of the Rings trilogy or someone else prints hundreds of holiday photos every September. Perhaps the financial department prints e-mails in colour, even though black and white is enough.  Are you familiar with these situations?

Access control

Avoid the stealing company data and boost company security and economizing.


Print comfortably from any device and store the printjobs on the OptimiDoc server till you need them.


Be informed about the amount and types of documents the company prints. It helps you to optimize the costs and control your employee.


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