Personal application development (PAD)

Have the solution which fit your business.

Would you like to have an application according to your specific needs? Haven’t you found the exact solution which will be the right option for your company? Personal application development might be the way, the company should be heading. We are developing reliable applications for multifunction printers. We manage mobile printing, web applications, accounting, monitoring, OCR, big data and much more!

Is the application according to your wishes the right option for you?

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Our attitude to the customers and partners is warm and supporting. We keep in touch with them, solve their technical problems and develop the application according their wishes. Additionally, we are also able to communicate in Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Hungarian.


We are highly experienced in the development of applications for multifunction printers. Our developers are working in the area many years and we are able to create extraordinary solutions for business.


Personalize your business processes to gain efficiency and enjoy the advantage over competitors.

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