OptimiDoc Cloud

scanning and printing made easily

The App reinvents how scanning and printing looks like. It handles your paperwork much easier, faster and more effective. It’s the only cloud-based soluton enabling extensions for server-like functions. Suitable for companies of any size & number of branches.

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Users are excited about

  • scan and print comfort thanks to SingleSignOn to cloud storages or the app itself

  • intuitive user interface on the panel of multiunction printer

  • no need to finish the scanning process from a workstation

  • fast and automatic conversion of paper document without using a work station

  • printing of needed materials wherever he needs by using Pull Print function

Managers appreciate

  • higher productivity of workers

  • very few issues compared to server based solutions

  • easily expandable to new or additional devices

  • accounting of operations for users and departments

  • money saved for expensive server infrastructure and maintenance

IT administrator likes

  • central web interface at OptimiDoc Cloud Portal

  • easy installation and setting of the application

  • possibility to provide support for customers or users remotely

  • no need for a server or workstation client

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General benefits of the app

OptimiDoc Cloud is serverless solution that securely captures paper documents to into the customer business processes without need to use workstation. Print management part provides Follow Me functionality together with printing from cloud storages and detailed monitoring of user activities.

Document capture

OptimiDoc Cloud App can scan multiple business cards to Outlook and it is very accurate.

Print management

OptimiDoc Cloud App allows you to print files from your Cloud storage and it takes no time.


OptimiDoc Cloud App keeps devices secure by locking them up for unauthorized users.

Accounting & Reporting

OptimiDoc Cloud is the only print&scan solution on the market, that doesn’t need any infrastructure for accounting operations and delivering reports of activity.

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