Three good reasons for OptimiPrint

Serverless printing

Let disappear all print servers and manage everything from one place.

By OptimiPrint implementation, customers reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment.
OptimiPrint, with central management, removes print servers and minimizes resources to provide printing services to employees.

Simple printers and drivers distribution

Multiplatform Client automatically distributes printers and drivers to users’ workstations based on predefined access rights.

OptimiPrint makes it easy to deploy printers with selected drivers managed through one web interface. Administrators do not need to hassle with multiple drivers and various configurations across the organization.

Print anywhere, anytime

Thanks to the complete Cloud architecture, users can send the document to print from home, coffee, or office desk.

Anywhere the users can submit the document for print. They need a connection to the internet. The document then stays secured until it is requested on any connected printer.