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We work on the printing solutions of the future

About us

We bring innovation in the world of digitalisation and document printing

OptimiDoc has been developing print optimisation and document digitalisation solutions for more than eight years.

Cooperating with our partners, we are pioneers in new features and approaches that shape the whole industry. This is the only way to draw on our expert knowledge and offer our customers an innovative view of how document administration and digitalisation shall work.

We understand what we do

We are a reliable partner

Thanks to our great experience, expertise in the development of print solutions and ongoing expansion of our capacities, we have been able to strengthen and improve our position on the market and become a global player. This creates a stable basis for a bright future for our partners and employees.

Today we are developing the solutions of tomorrow

We help your ideas find a solution

Long-term success depends on your ability to understand customers and identify the direction in which your innovations must go early on. We cooperate with our customers and vendors to develop innovative solutions which allow us to shape the future of the whole industry.

Sustainability is not just our vision, it is our reason to go on

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What can we do for your business?

We will be happy to consult your situation and tell you about what OptimiDoc can offer, no commitment required.

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