On February 26th, 2019, OptimiDoc North America, Incorporated entered into a joint venture with Easy Office, LLC. Decision for this step was made because of a great longtime cooperation and friendly partnership with Brett Butler. As a company, we feel the absence of sales and technical support in local (NA) market, which did not allow us to offer services in range, we can and we want to bring into this market.

In this cooperation, OptimiDoc see ability to improve services, which are offered in NA market. Main aim is to be closer to the partners, who company already cooperates with and better serve their requirements.

Joint Venture also allows the company to spread the customer portfolio. We are convinced, we can fulfill needs of many customers and help them to improve their business.

As a company focuses only on MFP solution industry (print management & document capture) we hope, this decision helps us to reach pre-conceived targets and our products will raise many businesses.


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