Today, we are very pleased to announce the newest version of OptimiDoc Cloud App.

We are introducing a brand new and unique Xerox ConnectKey Solution for

Print Management & Document Capture.

OptimiDoc Cloud App 4.0 involves new features improving a printing processes. It is the best solution for any small and medium-size business withnout a server in the workplace.

There are an improvements that you need to know:

  • Single App for printing&scanning
  • Unique extension OptimiDoc Cloud Node

Print Management has never been easier

This release includes new features satisfying all the needs of many customers in your portfolio. Eventually OptimiDoc Cloud App allows you to print files from your Cloud storages.


Personalized Printing Workflows

The user could easily set up a unique workflow and select any particular folder or root directory that might be accesible by the given workflow.

Finishing Options

It brings the possibility to adjust your finishing options of your printing job. There are options like number of copies, colour, sides, paper grammage or collation.

Another capability of OptimiDoc Cloud App 4.0

Folder Browsing

Nowadays, you can benefit from the possibility to browse through your cloud storage directory from the device´s touch panel. In fact, you have an option to create new folder directly from the device as well.

OptimiDoc Cloud App´s Print Management is unbeliavebly strong tool in combination with our unique OptimiDoc Cloude Node.

OptimiDoc Cloud Node

It is a software for Raspberry Pi computer that you cen pruchase anywhere. This solution is easy to implement and cheap. The Node provides well-known functions such as:

Device Authentication

Discover a fonction of authentication by card or PIN code to the device. In combination with Single-SignOn to the App, you will be introduced to the interface immediately. Card assignement enables a comfort implementation.

FollowMe Printing

Whenever you send a print job to hte Cloud Node you are able to release it at any MFP that is assigned to the Cloude Node.

Back-up Mode

Thanks to a memory in OptimiDoc Cloud Node, you can easily store information about users.
Which means if there is no intermet connection you can still authenticate to the device.