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We simplify the world of documents

Document digitization
Document digitalisation
Print management
Print management
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OptimiDoc is the smart and environmentally friendly office of the future

It responds to the growing needs for document digitalisation and print management. It makes work for individuals and offices easier, saves time and reduces costs and large infrastructure of institutions. All this in an environmentally friendly way.

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The OptimiDoc technological solution

For one or thousand printers


Smart document digitalisation and print management is now within our reach – and even closer than ever before thanks to all the functionalities it offers.

It only takes a few minutes and you get you own modern IT department. After that, you just start using our top technological equipment where we handle expensive maintenance and hardware upgrades for you.

The OptimiDoc technological solution

For one or thousand printers


Do your standards prohibit a cloud solution? Our OptimiDoc team will customise the solution to your requirements and strict standards.

We have a server-based implementation solution for you: intelligent document digitalisation and print management for your IT needs.

Document digitization

Document digitalisation

OptimiDoc document digitalisation

Routine daily document digitalisation under control

Document conversion
Digitalisation to cloud storage sites
Digitalisation of externally obtained data
Image quality enhancement
Bar code recognition
Document separation
Zone OCR

Digitalisation of printed documents in various formats. You choose the digitalisation process from the touch panel on your multifunctional printer.

Documents are precisely and accurately digitalised and sent automatically to a selected storage site such as e-mail, FTP, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or SharePoint.

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We digitalise documents in any format sent to any location.

We know that good order and efficiency go hand in hand. Therefore, we offer powerful OptimiDoc tools for your everyday digitalisation.

Document digitization

Print management

OptimiDoc print management

It prints from anywhere and in any location

Locking the device
Access rights
Printing from cloud storage sites
Print management on the device
Monitoring print operations
Device status monitoring

It makes printing of documents on any device easier and faster regardless of where the task was sent.

It administers individual print tasks and allows you to set the final shape of the document directly on the device. You can send documents for printing from your smartphone.

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Saves up to 30% of printing costs

This is how much unauthorised printing is done or what the result of neglected print control is.

These figures come from analysing tens of thousands of printing devices and OptimiDoc reports.

Supported printer brands

Become an OptimiDoc partner

We work together with numerous brands and their partners to extend our features on printing devices.

How to become a partner

Sustainability is not just our vision, it is our reason to go on

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What can we do for your business?

We will be happy to consult your situation and tell you about what OptimiDoc can offer, no commitment required.

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